How Not To Use Clickshare

Those who have the good fortune not to be criminal barristers never have to use clickshare, which is a program that allows you to cast video and documents from your laptop screen to the massive screens in court for the jury to see.

Booth (getting footage lined up on his computer): I am now going to play the CCTV for the jury using clickshare. (Clicks to play.)

A minute ticks by.

Booth watches the footage on his screen, secretly impressed at this public demonstration of his competence and ability.

Oppo (rising to his feet): Mr Booth is surely the One-Click-Wonder.

Booth (not quite understanding, but joining in the good humour nonetheless): Ha ha.

Another minute ticks by.

Judge: Shall we give you a moment, Mr Booth?

Booth (looking at the court screens and seeing they are blank): Oh! I’m sorry, has the footage stopped?

Oppo: It never started.

Booth (bubble deflating): Oh. (Pause.) Shall I perhaps start again?

Judge: Yes please.

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