An actual conversation I had today

The scene: Booth is at a Magistrates Court in Town 2, the case having been transferred several weeks ago from Magistrates Court Town 1.

Legal Advisor: Oh dear. Magistrates Court 1 has not sent us the paper bundles that your solicitors and the Applicant lodged.

Booth: That’s a blow.

Advisor: Yes. The Applicant has just now cobbled together two extra paper bundles for the Bench. [Pause] It’s not good enough, really, because I’ve got three Magistrates. Have you got any paper copies of your bundle?

Booth: No. I’m fully electronic. I can email an unmarked copy of the bundle to you.

Advisor: We’d have to print it then.

Booth: OK then.

[Booth emails the bundle.]

Advisor: We’ll have to charge you.

Booth: Pardon?

Advisor: For the paper.

Booth: [Pause] [Laughs]

Advisor: No. Really.

Counsel for Applicant [aside, to Booth] They will, you know. I’ve seen them do it before.

Long Story Short. Booth was not charged. Case was adjourned. Justice is currently being delayed. Crazy world.

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