So I started doing these videos on the coronavirus laws

Yes, I did. Click here if you’d like to see them. Not exactly brimming with Star Wars excitement, I’ll admit, but I wanted to help by giving a short explanation of the most important restriction that the Government imposed on us all since the coronavirus pandemic hit. So I talked about the law governing when you can leave your home.  (I also did one about how the coronavirus law help the vulnerable in our society.)

Then I did an update video in mid-April when the Government changed things a little bit.

Then I did another update video in mid-May when the Government changed things a whole lot more.

Now I’d like to do still another update video. You’ll remember that last week the Prime Minister announced a significant easing of the lockdown laws. I’d like to talk about that. The fact that this lockdown easing comes so soon after the Prime Minister’s chief advisor decided that he was easing the lockdown laws for himself is the merest of coincidences.

But back to my videos: I’d like to do another one to help explain the laws that will change from tomorrow. But I can’t because the Government hasn’t published the changes. The Prime Minister gave a video-address to say what they are. But we all know that loose guidance is not law. I’m typing this at lunchtime on Sunday with only twelve hours to go, and noone knows what the laws say. I think that’s pretty shocking.

So I’d like to do another update video but, you see, I can’t. Yet.

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