Fewer barristers, fewer solicitors, fewer judges. The future is bleak ..

.. and that’s not the worst of it by far.

Opening paragraphs from an article in yesterday’s Financial Times, that you can read in full here.

“The criminal justice system in England and Wales is badly beleaguered. More crimes are being committed, more people are in prison, there are more violent incidents in jails and more repeat offenders cycle through the system. Legal aid, critical to equality before the law, is increasingly hard to access (harming both defendants and the legal profession) and even after acquittal, legal costs are harder to recover.

To prevent further damage being done, the government needs to increase spending on the court system and on prisons. It must also garner public support for bold policy changes — focused on bringing down prison populations and reoffending rates.

If the situation today is parlous, the future looks even worse.”

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