.@EverydaySexism highlights how rape is sometimes swept under the carpet at universities

‘ After reporting rape, [Laura Bates, founder of the EverydaySexism Project] said that students had been asked what they were wearing, what they had been drinking and whether they really wanted the claim on their record. She added: “They have said to me, ‘I’ve been told not to go to the police, not to tell anyone, not, for God’s sake, above anything else, to tarnish the reputation of the university’. It’s shocking.” She spoke of a video from a few years ago, where a male hockey team at the University of Stirling were chanting about sexual assault and making racist jokes on a public bus … “They said the guys who were on the bus that day hadn’t experienced any kind of punishment yet,” she said. “But the three of them had been threatened with disciplinary action — with suspension from the university — for bringing it into disrepute.” ’

Read the story in today’s Times here

… where you will also be able to read the following prejudice-heavy, fact-light comments from Times readers:

It is highly unlikely bordering on fantasy that tutors, supervisers and pastoral care workers are telling claimants of being raped, to forget about it. As for your nonsense figures, they have been roundly condemned as wholly exaggerated and bearing no relation to reality. Laura Bates has clearly got issues and little or no ability to be balanced or measured in her approach.

So the self appointed Laura Bates says there’s an epidemic, there seems to be an epidemic of young men falsely accused of rape being dragged through the courts by over zealous Police and CPS. Something as serious as rape is usually reported directly to the police, however are we talking about the morning after regrets sleeping with someone rape? Has she got any facts, statements, dossier of these crimes?


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