The Government Tried To Conceal This Testimony From Judges On Defendants With No Lawyer

Excellent reporting from BuzzFeed’s @EmilyDugan.

“The MoJ repeatedly insisted, including in two on-the-record statements, that the six pages were the report in its entirety, despite it being labelled a summary and containing no direct testimony or data. After BuzzFeed News expressed scepticism, an MoJ press officer said that any edits from the original draft were minor corrections to spelling or grammar. They also insisted that there was no transcript of the judges’ testimony. But now the original report has been leaked in full to BuzzFeed News. Dated February 2016 and titled “Unrepresented Defendants: Perceived effects on the Crown Court in England and Wales and indicative volumes in magistrates’ courts” it is marked “Internal Ministry of Justice Report Do not quote publicly”

Are you shocked? You should be.

Read the full report on BuzzFeed News here.

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