‘Upskirting’ videos and pics widespread

The Times appears to be following up its article from last week with what may be the beginning of a campaign. The newspaper highlighted the loophole whereby there is no specific crime of ‘upskirting’, and today they highlight how images are prevalent across the internet. Here’s my snapshot of today’s story.

I highlighted in my recent blogpost that those who take ‘upskirting’ (or, for that matter, ‘downblousing’) images are liable to be prosecuted for outraging public decency in the absence of a specific law banning the taking of such photos. The law is not toothless by any means, but there are extra hurdles to clear if this offence is charged.

The fact that such images are being widely shared is a sign that Parliament really must consider making it a specific offence to take images in these circumstances. Full deterrence may be the only way forward.

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