Perhaps your company or organisation has a driver who has been charged or summonsed to court because of an incident that occurred whilst driving? Perhaps you yourself are facing the prospect of a court appearance? Are you a Company Secretary who has been summonsed on behalf of your company for an offence such as failing to provide sufficient information as to the identity of the driver when a company vehicle triggered a traffic camera?

The need for early advice and effective representation can be critical. Some offences such as dangerous driving and causing death by dangerous driving bring the potential for imprisonment. Drink-driving or failing to provide a specimen for analysis are likewise imprisonable (up to a maximum of six months). But in these cases, and more, an additional worry is the risk of disqualification which can have a catastrophic effect on a driver’s employment and life, as well as on the fortunes of small businesses.

Nigel Booth has more than 15 years’ experience in road traffic cases, and can offer you sound advice about your situation including the risks of disqualification. In particular, does the charge you face attract obligatory or discretionary disqualification? Either way, there may be arguments to be advanced to minimise the length of any ban or even to avoid a driving disqualification altogether.

Many other allegations, for example driving whilst using a mobile telephone, contravening a red traffic light or a speed limit, bring the potential for penalty points which can store up trouble for the future: twelve points in three years and the Court is bound to consider disqualification.